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2 july > 19 september 2004

Work by Tine De Ruysser and Ben Van Orshaegen

Handbag Bowl
Jan Walgraeve, honorary curator of the Provinciale Musea Antwerpen (Provincial Museums of Antwerp), selected Ben Van Orshaegen and Tine De Ruysser for participation in the annual exhibition 'Talente' in Munich in 2004. 'Talente' presents a strict selection of all forms of artistic crafts and design at top-class level. Both young artists were among the winners. Ben Van Orshaegen received the 'Talente 2004' Award and Tine De Ruysser was awarded the 'Bayerische Staatspreis 2004'. The works displayed by both artists at the exhibition are now on display at the Ghent Design Museum until 19 September 2004.

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