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21 june > 15 september 2002

100 % Vases

Golden vaseDesign unicorn vase
The Design museum Gent has a large collection of vases: big vases, small vases, pot-bellied vases, long-necked vases, vases with a lid, polka-dotted vases, ceramic vases and crystal vasesS Highly remarkable in this museum collection are the 100 vases of the '100% Make-Up' project by Alessi under the guidance of Alessandro Mendini, a series of aesthetic creations which bear a mutual resemblance.

To give some variation to the uniformity, 100 artists hazarded one single form as point of departure. One hundred vases were decorated, were provided with 'make-up' by 100 different artists. No less than 850 pupils from primary education came to see our collection of vases in the past school year. They discovered the story behind the objects. They paid attention to form, material, colour and function. During the guided tour of the museum these young artists designed their own vase little by little. All those designs are exhibited.

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