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Spring 2015

Naturally Young!

Natuurlijk, Jong!Design museum Gent is further exploring the new roads taken. Fitting, as a new spring brings forth a new sound. Young designers brighten the skies and are celebrated.
Good design is nothing if not sustainable, just like eternal youth. Discarded chairs survive, and natural biocomposites prove their resilience.

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From 3 until 26 April 2015

Synthetic by nature

Helmet Environment and design, always a tense relationship. It is possible that the latest (bio)composites will relieve some of the pressure. The production process for traditional glass and carbon fibre composites has been significantly improved, and is much easier to apply. Biocomposites based on plant fibres such as flax and hemp have begun their unstoppable advance. With their combination of low weight, solidity, long life expectancy, and efficient production, these materials have a bright future ahead of them.

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From 3 April until 13 September 2015

Of Butterflies and Ants

Chair, Elisa Van Coster Elisa and Ingrid De Smul 2015 marks the 60th anniversary of the creation of Arne Jacobsen’s now world-renowned Butterfly chair. Producer Fritz Hansen honours the butterfly with two festive editions: a stout male with a blue shell and brown legs, and an elegant female shrouded in soft pink on gilt legs. A cheerful party crowd welcomes the lovers of butterflies and ants.

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From 3 April until 28 June 2015

Provincial Award for Design 2014

Hermine Van Dijck, Blossom Carpet Every two years, the Province of East Flanders hands out an award for design, including industrial, graphic, and artisanal design. Design and the applied arts dominate our daily lives and make our residential, working, and living environments more attractive, colourful, and also more comfortable. East Flanders is home to a vast pool of young design talent.

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