Esthétique Domestique

  • from Sun 17.06.2007
  • until Sun 30.09.2007

Home appliances 1920 - 1970

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Housekeeping is not imaginable anymore without industrial products. Numerous goods and appliances meet our needs and comply with our wishes. Due to the introduction of mass production techniques for the manufacturing of home appliances in the second half of the 19th century, traditional forms were adapted and new ones were conceived. In the course of the 20th century an attractive design became more important, and designers were more and more involved in the design process.

In the past 30 years the French collector Jean-Bernard Hebey managed to amass an impressive collection of home appliances from the period between 1920 and1970. Some 375 items relating to the themes 'Food and drink', 'Heating and cooling', 'Cleaning and getting cleaned' will be displayed.