Helena Schepens

  • from Fri 11.07.2008
  • until Sun 31.08.2008

Visual Rhythm


In 2007 the Province of Antwerp’s Sterckshof Silver Museum selected Helena Schepens to fulfill the Sterckshof assignment. With this annual assignment, the Silver Museum is giving an impetus to the contemporary Belgian silversmith’s and goldsmith’s trades. Schepens’ design “Perpetuum Mobile” is a set of plates composed of silver strips and high-grade steel, and is inspired by Steve Reich’s music. Helena Schepens on her work: “Starting from a specific piece of music or a musical aspect, the challenge for me is to develop visual equivalents for the music’s abstract nature. ”Besides “Perpetuum Mobile” a dozen or so more designs by this talented Flemish silversmith and goldsmith will be on display until the end of August.

In collaboration with Sterckshof Zilvermuseum, Provincie Antwerpen