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Maréchal, Perignem and Amphora

Pioneers of ceramics in Flanders

Marechal Glazuur
Marechal Groen

In the period between the two great wars, Flanders did not have any contemporary decorative ceramics industry worth mentioning. The example of Torhout pottery influenced the design trends in small ceramics businesses. In 1934, the Bruges-based stained-glass artist Joost Maréchal began his search for a modern style. In addition to designs of austerely decorated ornamental objects he also produced an extensive range of commercial products. Around 1950 he developed a kind of decorative ceramics in which simple and uncomplicated shapes and forms came to life by types of glazing which he compounded himself. Also in 1950 his former assistant Rogier Vandeweghe set up the ceramics workshop Perignem in Beernem, together with his brother Laurent. This workshop continued the Maréchal line in its own particular way. When he established the Amphora company in Sint-Andries-Brugge in 1956, Rogier Vandeweghe resolutely carried on designing elegantly shaped vases. He drew the inspiration for his razor-sharp contours and rich glazing from Nordic design.