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Kleureyck Pigment Walk hero


Pigment Walk

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Van Eyck formulated virtuoso, ground-breaking solutions to all kinds of technical and design questions. How do you let the viewer feel what material things are made of? How do you give colours depth? Which pigments do you use for which shades? How do you direct the viewer’s gaze? 

Today, many designers and artists are still considering such issues. This is evident from the more than 100 contemporary works from different design disciplines that curators Siegrid Demyttenaere and Sofie Lachaert have brought together in this Pigment Walk. The selection also includes some 20 pieces from Design Museum Gent’s own collection. 

This part of the Kleureyck exhibition is conceived as a walk through Van Eyck’s colour universe. The starting point for the selection is 13 details from the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb (the Ghent Altarpiece). In each case the focus is on a particular colour. Every detail is accompanied by a group of contemporary works in which the same colour recurs. At the same time, these works intersect with other aspects of the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb, such as symbolism, craftmanship, display of materials, and transparency.