Linked: the collection is networking

  • from Thu 28.11.2013
  • until Sun 2.03.2014

For this exhibition, Lieven Daenens, honorary director of the Design museum Gent, made a personal selection of highlights which the museum acquired under his management. These favourite top pieces will not be simply exhibited, but will be given a central place in an inspiring new network of related objects. Each selected piece will be the centre of a little group. The objects in every group will be linked through either free or strict, serious or playful associations, based on formal, functional, material, conceptual, historical or other criteria. These new connections and associations will ensure that the visitor discovers hidden relationships and that common sources of inspiration light up.

Curator: Chris Meplon
Advisor: Moniek Bucquoye
Scenography: GAFPA Bureau voor Architectuur en Stedenbouw BVBA