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Closed for expansion and renovations
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Can't get enough of our exhibition Bike to the Future? Well, the Cycling Museum Roeselare might be a perfect second stage! Break away at lightning speed to their expo Cycling is a Religion for a pilgrimage of cycling chapels with unique Cycling Garments, a Peloton of Cycling Gods and the impressive Iron Cross. Ultimately, the exhibition culminates in the Tour of Flanders: the ritual gathering on the Flemish cycling calendar that everyone has been preparing for. With temperance and moderation as the sacred canon. And training as the dogma.

“We were like gods for the spectators, the only gods they could see up close and with whom they could exchange a few words.”


Like a church visit, this exhibition asks for a voluntary donation 
Cycling Museum Roeselare, Delaerestraat 33, 8800 Roeselare
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