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Sigve Knutson Ceramic Sculpture

Poème Brut

Design Museum Gent focuses on designers’ renewed interest in crafts, local techniques and materials

Poème Brut highlights designers’ renewed interest in crafts, local techniques and materials. In recent years, their focus has shifted to manufacturing processes and materiality as a counterpoint to globalisation and dematerialisation. A central theme in the exhibition is the outcome of this research into materials and techniques. Some designs use old, forgotten materials and new techniques or technology to process them, while others are the result of an old craft in combination with a new material. 

All the design objects are tactile, with a poetic undercurrent and a largely ‘rough’ and ‘unfinished’ design idiom. Poème Brut zooms in on the designer as a maker, as an alchemist who is inspired by the special properties of matter and innovative ways for processing it, as well as its potential in a contemporary context.

The curators Siegrid Demyttenaere and atelier lachaert dhanis selected international iconic designers, as well as emerging young talent. The ensembles show surprising combinations, atypical confrontations and new insights.

Work by

Anne Marie Laureys Ceramics
Atelier NL
Ben Storms
Bram Vanderbeke
Carlo Lorenzetti
David Huycke
Dirk Vander Kooij
Ferréol Babin
Hans Henning Pedersen
Jólan van der Wiel
Jonathan Muecke 
wangho Lee
Lisa Ertel
atthias Kaiser
Max Lamb
Michael Young
Olivier van Herpt
Roxane Lahidji
Rudolf Bott
Sigve Knutson
Sophie Rowley
Studio Furthermore
Studio Mumbai
Studio Swine
Tamara Orjola
Thomas Ballouhey
Tom Price

Curators: Siegrid Demyttenaere & atelier lachaert dhanis
Scenography: Siegrid Demyttenaere & atelier lachaert dhanis i.c.w. Bram Vanderbeke

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