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Gino Sarfatti Arteluce Moon 69 model 604

Moon ’69, model 604 1969

Gino Sarfatti IT

Arteluce IT

enamelled aluminium, acrylate

purchase from Pieter De Bruyne n.v., 1983

This remarkable table lamp is reminiscent of a moon landscape, a clear starry sky or the dashboard of a spaceship. It is no coincidence that Moon ’69 was designed in the year of the first manned flight to the moon. The lamp is one of more than 600 light fittings that Gino Sarfatti designed for Arteluce, the company that he co-founded in 1939. Sarfatti trained as an engineer but was self-taught as a designer. His designs are thought-through, innovative and sometimes also playful. Our museum bought model 604 and a dozen other Sarfatti lamps by Pieter De Bruyne. He was the importer of Arteluce in Belgium, had two designs in production there himself, and integrated Sarfatti lamps in several interiors that he designed.


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Met dank aan Hans Le Compte.