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Closed for expansion and renovations
Aldo Rossi Alessi Tea Coffee Piazza

Tea & Coffee Piazza 1983

Aldo Rossi IT

Alessi IT

silver, glass, brass, enamel, quartz

purchase from the manufacturer, 1992

In 1979 the Italian company Alessi invited 11 renowned international architects to design a silver coffee and tea service. That commission proved to be mutually beneficial. This project enabled Alessi to evolve from a regional metalwork company into a global player for household appliances because it knew how to brilliantly market the reputation of the architects. For their part, the architects, who all came from the field of postmodernism, seized the opportunity to translate their buildings, which critics said belonged in Disneyland, to the scale of consumer products. Aldo Rossi took the term piazza (‘square’) quite literally: he imagined the different elements of his service as buildings in a city. He would later commercialize the coffee pot of this limited edition in a more user-friendly steel version.


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Met dank aan Fredie Floré.