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Closed for expansion and renovations
Thomas Lommée Open Structures OS

OpenStructures (OS) 2009

Thomas Lommée BE

Wout Fierens (programmer)BE

online platform

purchased from the designer, 2019

At OpenStructures, designers share objects that are compatible with the same 4 by 4 cm grid. Modular parts are developed into implements. With this digital platform, Thomas Lommée built on the concept that he developed in 2007 at the Institute without Boundaries, the inter­disciplinary design course run by the Canadian graphic designer Bruce Mau, who approaches design in an integral and analytical manner. Such thinking was also fundamental within the Bauhaus: designers consistently used grids as design tools and it was their mission to reshape society by means of design. With OpenStructures, Thomas Lommée is also gradually building a horizontal community that itself improvises, makes and reuses, and thus offers an alternative to the consumer society. OpenStructures is the first digital piece to enter the collection of the Design Museum Gent.


Met dank aan Thomas Lommée.