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Closed for expansion and renovations
Pieter De Bruyne Atelier Pieter De Bruyne Chantilly

Chantilly 1975

Pieter De Bruyne BE

Atelier Pieter De Bruyne BE

laminated chipboard, ebony, gilded bronze fittings

purchase from the designer, 1980

Pieter De Bruyne was ­fascinated by the measuring systems that ­furniture makers used in the course of history. This chest was inspired by an eighteenth-century bureau desk from the collection of the Musée Condé in Chantilly. It has the same dimensions as the chest of this French piece of furniture, and the ­diagonals in the design are ­inspired by the result of the meticulous measuring and formal analysis that De Bruyne made. The contrast ­between the abstract linework and the eighteenth -century fragment in the upper left corner compels a comparison with later post­modernism. However, Pieter De Bruyne’s designs are more thought-through than the work of, for ­instance, Studio Alchimia, the Italian designer collective that once invited him to collaborate with them.


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Met dank aan Hans Le Compte en Christian Kieckens.