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Maarten Van Severen 03

.03 1998

Maarten Van Severen BE

steel, aluminium, polyurethane foam

The .03 by Maarten Van Severen for example is a materialisation of the ­simplest or most archetypical design of a chair. The design sketch looks amazingly like a drawing by a child.

A Wild Thing, p. 105

Moreover, according to the architecture and design critic Deyan Sudjic, archetypes activate an emotional and psychological depth among users. The recognition and memory evoke a comforting feeling of continuity. They also create a bond or a cultural identity: the sense of being part of a greater whole; this remains a constant throughout the generations. The archetype also refers to Bachelard’s dream landscape or the poetic part of our being, where we feel connected to the soul. Like the ­archetype of the hermit’s hut deep in the wilderness embodies our own sense of coming home.

A Wild Thing, p. 105