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Tania De Bruycker Still Life

Still Life 2018

Tania De Bruycker BE

limewood, matt varnish

“In today’s world, where ­artists make a foray into the world of ­design, I find it interesting to explore the ­sculptural world, starting from the world of design. I choose to emphasise sculptural, substantive aspects in my ­creations, while ensuring they can also potentially be used.” - Tania De Bruycker

De Bruycker moves along the fine dividing line between design and ­sculpture with her Still Life wooden ­console. Design takes over from ­sculpture in this object, which is ­organised like a classic still-life. 

When the still-life is upside down, it takes on a function.The intriguing and upfront roughness of this design is a reflection of the speed and turmoil that are so typical of our society, transforming them into a new form of classicism, that inspires a sense of tranquillity and contemplation.