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20 years Theo-design

Hoet Bril

Theo stands for self-willed design and is here for “positive and cheerful people”, for trendsetters, says in-house designer Patrick Hoet. Theo, by the way, is an anagram for Hoet. The designer from Bruges has been working with the Theo firm from Antwerp for 20 years now. He designs the colourful and eccentric spectacle frames while his business partner Wim Somers takes care of execution and worldwide distribution. Annually, this amounts to about 50 to 60 designs. Nearly 90% of production is destined for export to as far as America and Japan.To Patrick Hoet, spectacles are “an elongation of one’s personality, rather than an eye-catcher. If you are using them to try and enhance your looks or look smarter, you are going down the wrong road.” Theo design is your guarantee for quality, innovation and aesthetics.