Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder,…

  • from Thu 10.08.2017
  • until Sat 26.08.2017


For the third exhibition of their Museum of Moving Practice, 019 invited seven artists.

First and foremost, ‘Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder’ is focussing on the video work of Belgian artist Lydia Debeer. Her work is often ambiguous. The images she uses evoke a reality that is susceptible to more than one explanation. Debeer’s work revolves around the reliability of perception and the interpretation of reality. Does reality determine what we perceive, or is it the other way around, and does our perception determine reality?

Next to this, a light installation and a series of 31 aura drawings by Australian artist Mathew Kneebone are on display. Ben Thorp Brown presents the video ‘Toymakers’, a study of the ‘deal toy’, sculptures made to commemorate significant financial transactions. In the big hall, you will find two new installations by Manor Grunewald & Filip Dujardin. Australian artist Quenton Miller will present a series of metal sculptures in and outside the museum. Don’t forget to climb the tower to see them all. Finish inside with the ‘Shadow Mirror Magic’ room by 019 architect Olivier Goethals.

Mathew Manor Ben

This expo is part of 019’s Museum of Moving Practice