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Belgium - The Netherlands: 50 years of Jewelry Design

50Jaarjuweelkunst Be
50Jaarjuweelkunst Nl

No, this is not a football game. Both countries meet in a brilliant exhibiton! The presented jewels give a survey of jewelry design in The Netherlands and Belgium from 1945 to 2000.

The Dutch part of the exhibition has been selected by the Kruithuis from 's-Hertogenbosch. The Belgian selection has been made in cooperation with the Design Fund. ( Fonds voor Vormgeving)

Some names from the Dutch team: Gijs Bakker, Onno Boekhoudt, Marion Herbst, Emmy van Leersum, Lam de Wolf.

Some names from the Belgian team: Siegfried De Buck, Pierre Caille, Emile Souply, Hilde De Decker, David Huycke, Elke L. Peeters, Christophe De Ranter.