De Invasie on display

  • from Mon 8.06.2015
  • until Sun 13.09.2015
Logo De Invasie Toont Kleur

Five years ago, a number of brave souls started De Invasie (The Invasion). The objective was to provide Belgian design with a face and a platform within a completely new scene of up-and-coming, creative starters. The founders’ ideas were avant-garde; they focused on a movement of ‘makers’, a community for creative souls. They sought to provide a platform for talent poised to conquer the world.

Five years on, there is just cause for celebration. The debutants from back then have grown up and found their way nationally and/or internationally. High time then for an exhibition lasting longer than a few days’ worth of invasion.

The exhibition ‘De Invasie on display’ is a stab in the dark for both De Invasie and Design museum Ghent. For De Invasie, the long-term project is a first, while the museum has never before held an exhibition with open registration.

De Invasie is a strong believer in independent organization, working with the public and the talent. Commercial initiatives and administrations are always welcome, but within the context of an alliance. To aspire to a common goal together.