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Closed for expansion and renovations
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Reactivate design

New interiors for exceptional collection items

Design Museum Gent has a very rich collection, a large part of which is currently in the depot. These objects, often designed for a specific interior or a specific context, seem to wait patiently for a new destination or a new story in which they can play a significant role. The design studio Practice based issues from the Master of Interior Architecture at KU Leuven (campus Sint-Lucas Gent), took this fascinating finding as a point of departure. 15 students investigated 15 collection pieces and examined possible scenarios for these items. Which new life stories can we imagine for these objects? For each collection piece, the students designed an interior of 25m². Their imagination opens up unexpected perspectives on known and lesser known objects from Henry van de Velde, Pieter De Bruyne, Maarten Van Severen and others. In the salons of Hotel De Coninck, they enter into dialogue with each other.


Arteluce, Cini Boeri, Andrea Branzi, Pieter De Bruyne, Frank O. Gehry, Shiro Kuramata, Jean Lemmens, Jean Nouvel, Gerrit Rietveld, Victor Servranckx, Borek Sipek, Henry Van de Velde, Maarten Van Severen


Mohammad Sadegh Babaiy Zonouzi, Fien Breyne, Laura Callewaert, Lise Caluwé, Justine Devlaminck, Eva Dewulf, Michiel Hutsebaut, Elisabeth Impens, Lien Nobels, Pieter-Jan Snoeck, Jelke Soenens, Gaëlle-Madeleine Spaas, Elise Van hoeck, Charlotte Vanden Bussche, Justine Vandewoude 


i.s.m.architecten, Fredie Floré, Arnaud Hendrickx