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Design Museum Gent works from home

Due to the closure of the museum it’s not possible to visit Kleureyck at the moment. That’s why we’re videocalling the designers from the exhibition. They explain their work and give you an insight into their design process.

Pinaffo Pluvinage

Noisy Jelly

Touchscreens such as those on your mobile phone have completely changed our idea of button controls. The Noisy Jelly installation wants to stimulate our imagination even further. It consists of soft, sticky shapes in gelatine that rest on metal contact points. If you press the shapes, you hear a sound.


Colourful Kinaesthesia

In August 2019, the Austrian design studio mischer’traxler held a workshop in Domaine de Boisbuchet. Sixteen participants from all over the world were tasked to come up with a movement scenario for each of the six primary and secondary colours. This installation consists of images from the movement scenarios and objects that the participants made their performance.

De Onkruidenier



brings the edible plants of the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb into a contemporary perspective, thus examining our relationship with food. The first room displays plants as raw materials. You see them in various fermentation processes and as printing material. The second room displays some of the end processes. For example, plant parts are cooked in glazed ceramics and various plant extracts and preparations are shown on the table.

Jordan Söderberg

Lucis Aeternae: The Reflection of Eternal Light and a Spotless Mirror

The Latin inscription that you see above the Virgin Mary in the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb describes her as ‘the reflection of eternal light and a spotless mirror’. The work itself is inspired, literally and metaphorically, by the light in the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb: a bright source of illumination outside the frame, which throws the figures into sharp relief. The work uses two elements – a light source and a mirror – to allude to notions of divine light and reflection.

Joanna Reuse


C S D H L A O P U E R (= colour + shape) is a building game for children and young people. The colourful objects come from our daily lives, but are also linked to shapes from Jan van Eyck’s oeuvre. You can use them to make blue mountains, fluorescent towers, lively cities... Anything that you can think of.

Lizan Freijsen

King’s Robe

Lizan is fascinated by moulds and damp, and by our attempts to eliminate them from our lives as much as possible. We regard them as signs of decay, as ugly imperfections. But they inspire her to make valuable products such as rugs.

Studio Plastique


Studio Plastique researched the history of the colour blue. The result is an installation with glass panels – a reference to the panels of the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb. Each of them represents a historically important shade of blue. Its story is projected onto the panel.

Andrés Reisinger

Hortensia Chair

Andrés used CGI to make a digital image of a chair covered with pink flower petals. When he put it on Instagram, it quickly went viral – he was even getting orders for it. He then decided to find out if he could actually make the chair. Together with Júlia Esqué, Andrés turned a digital object into a functional piece of furniture.