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DMG Connected Dots LR 14

Forget me not

by Connected.Dots

DMG Connected Dots LR 9

Connected.Dots connects newcomers established in Belgium with each other and with the creative industry. Through active participation and co-creation, they create and promote design products with a strong story that enrich society and make the creative industry inclusive.

In Ghent, Connected.Dots brought together a design collective consisting of participants from different backgrounds, cultures and countries (Belgium, Brazil, Kosovo, Indonesia, Kenya, Palestine, Sweden, Turkey and Ukraine). The participants worked together, sharing ideas and expertise in order to create connections through multicultural dialogues. The aim of the collective was to create textile art that symbolises 'remembering'.

During the project, the collective made a blanket. The inspiration came from the flower forget-me-not. Each of the participants created a motif that has a personal story and values, which were then combined to create new patterns for the blanket. The final blanket reflects forgotten times, spaces and identities.

The FORGET ME NOT blankets (limited edition) are for sale in our museum shop.

Rae (born in Indonesia)

My motifs are inspired by the batik pattern Mega Mendung (read: big clouds) from Indonesia. I deconstructed the pattern and created a new motif, based on my roots. While designing, I thought of the clouds, the waves, the mangrove leaves and the ecosystem of the Indonesian coast.

Violet (born in Kenya)

In African culture, a calabash or ‘Agwata’ in Luo is used for various things such as music, food or decoration. With this design, I wanted to emphasise the role of this simple utensil within the indigenous knowledge of water among the Luo people of Kenya. A specific calabash is used as a water pot or 'Da pi' (literally grandmother's pot) and is handled with care to avoid water contamination at the place of use. With this motive, I hope we all look deep into our cultures for simple, affordable and ecological indigenous solutions that we can use for the challenges we face.

Rozana (born in Kosovo)

The inspiration for the motif comes from my hometown, where I spent the best years of my life. It is a culturally rich city, with a wonderful background in fine art, such as music, dance, film, fashion, and various traditions. The motif represents pieces from traditional carpets – my great-grandmother was a pioneer in producing such refined textile patterns.

Annika (born in Sweden)

In Sweden, traditional folk costumes are worn at special events. Over the years, however, its value has decreased and it is now often associated with politics. I analysed and researched the details of the folk costumes and chose elements that I found interesting, such as the crown, floral details and embroidery. By refining and redrawing these motifs in a more abstract way, they can be used in a new context while remaining familiar and connected to a historical garment.

Julianna (born in Brazil)

My inspiration came from Our Lady of Aparecida, the patron saint of Brazil, my homeland. Originally, it is an image that can be understood as a reference to the Church and its conservatism. However, since I wanted to show other qualities of the Brazilian people, such as hope and joy, though always connected with a lot of faith, I incorporated more modern features and vibrant colours (which are our trademark).

Mari (born in Ukraine)

My inspiration comes from Belgium. Being in a new place and meeting new people has inspired me to design new motifs. These new motifs symbolise new identities.

Eman (born in Palestine)

My motif is inspired by the wave of life and the migration from one country to another. The lines are representations of a migrant's life, which is never the same in any country. And as in every life, there are always ups and downs. Every place of residence has its difficulties, but we have to live together and love life.