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Closed for expansion and renovations
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20220705 VITR 019 TSL LR 05

The Serving Library

DING vitrine

The DING Vitrine showcases The Serving Library: a graphic collection on long-term loan to the Ghent-based collective 019. You will see record sleeves, watercolours, woodcuts, polaroids, drawings, screen prints, airbrush paintings, to a can of green paint, a German license plate and a Ouija board, ...

The 100+ objects can be interpreted as a visual representation of the following subjects:

  • the status of the artwork
  • the distrust of the photographic image
  • the creator of an artwork
  • the copyright of found material
  • the attribution upon appropriation
  • the boundaries of sampling
  • the veracity of documentary
  • the boundaries of originality and uniqueness
  • associations in language, text and typography…

All of the objects were once published in an issue of The Serving Library Annual magazine or one of its antecedents, Bulletins of The Serving Library or Dot Dot Dot.

In addition to exhibiting the collection, The Serving Library operates as a mobile seminar space where lectures and workshops are given to students or anyone interested.