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Unfold Skafaldo

Skafaldo 2016

Unfold BE

Materialise BE, Ajeto Glassworks CZ

bronze, glass

purchase from the designer via Valerie Traan, 201

When 3D-printing complex objects, a structure is sometimes used to support the object during the printing. This structure is later thrown out. Dries Verbruggen and Claire Warnier of Unfold saw the beauty of these Gothic-like throwaway scaffolds. In collaboration with Materialise, a Belgian world player in the 3D print sector, they printed a series of support structures in synthetic resin. But instead of using them to print an object, they made a mould using the lost-wax method in order to be able to cast scaffolds in bronze. The objects that the scaffolds were meant to help print were then made in a craft material, like this glass bowl. Unfold therefore in this case does not make 3D-printed end products, but renders the concealed software behind 3D prints visible in its craft creations. With Skafaldo, Unfold subtly upends relations, both between new and old technologies and between art objects and their supports.


Met dank aan Unfold.