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Prototype van K92

Maarten Van Severen BE
aluminium, phenol formaldehyde, polyester
collection Design Museum Gent 

This cabinet was commissioned by Hans Debrock and Ann Boute for their home in Lovendegem. In 1992, Maarten Van Severen (1956-2005) fitted out their kitchen with a fixed countertop in blue stone and this double-sided cupboard on wheels, which functioned as a room divider. Van Severen, who would only later become famous for his.03 chair, carried out dozens of such small commissions. Some of the furniture subsequently went into production, such as the CK94 for the Copyright bookstore (the prototype of which can be seen in the Object Stories exhibition). In the case of this cabinet, it remained with this one, unique specimen. It combines three materials that Van Severen loved: aluminium, bakelite, and polyester. The translucent doors are a recurring element in his work: you can only distinguish the contours of what is inside the cabinet.


Christophe Gevers BE
1959 (this piece 1971)
metal, leather, rope
collection Design Museum Gent 

In the decade 1960 to 1970, interior designer Christophe Gevers (1928-2007) decorated several restaurants in Brussels. This tubular steel chair, TBA, comes from La Marie Joseph, a well-known fish restaurant run by the Niels family at the Brandhoutkaai. The interior from 1971 was bathed in shades of yellow and dark blue, a reference to the typical clothing worn by fishermen. Gevers designed the TBA chair in brown leather as early as 1959 for the refurbishment of the Taverne des Beaux-Arts, the project that lead to his break-through as an independent designer. The chair (also on display in the exhibition A Wild Thing) was awarded Het Gouden Kenteken, a quality label for Belgian design, and was also available in a black version. The black chairs were painted blue to make them fit in at La Marie Joseph.

carpet blue/green
Muller Van Severen BE
voor Ashtari Carpets
Ashtari Carpets BE
wool, cashmere silk, pashmina wool
collection Ashtari Carpets

Carpet blue-green is Muller Van Severen’s first carpet. They presented it in 2016 at the Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk and produced it in collaboration with Ashtari, known for its handmade and high-quality rugs and kilims. The variation in gloss between the silk and the wool creates depth. More than forty shades of green and blue were incorporated, making the carpet a very labour-intensive product. It also offers a glimpse into Muller Van Severen’s past. As an artist, Fien Muller concentrated on photographing still lifes and made colourful collages using different kinds of materials. The illustration on the carpet consists of fragments of her photographic work and suggests intense movement.

Bedstead with ‘The wise and the foolish virgins’
unknown 1690-1710
collection Design Museum Gent

S.A.M. n° 502

Jean Prouvé FR
Ateliers Jean Prouvé FR
oak, steel
collectie Design Museum Gent 

Maarten Van Severen BE
aluminium, met glasvezel versterkt polyester
collection Design Museum Gent

Bended mirror #3

Muller Van Severen BE
voor Galerie kreo
stainless steel
collection Muller Van Severen