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Yvette Lauwaert Touch ­objects

Touch ­objects ca. 1972

Yvette Lauwaert BE

cotton, wool

donated by Lieven Daenens (2006) and by the designer (2019)

These colourful ties are the result of the creativity of four flamboyant women who promited textile as an autonomous art form. Fashion designer Yvette Lauwaert made about 20 ties in the 1970s that appealed to, among others, Joan Miró, Christo and Issey Miyake. She wanted to put an end to the prominence attached to ties and so added playful colours, shapes and structures that are an invitation to be touched. She made three ties with the ‘Bauhaus’ fabric, a popular design from 1972 by the British sisters Susan Collier and Sarah Campbell for the London home-furnishing shop Liberty. ‘Bauhaus’ was their interpretation of the Schlitzgobelin Rot-Grün tapestry from 1928 by Gunta Stölzl, the most prominent woman of the Bauhaus weaving workshop. Stölzl’s fabrics were more than just a painting converted into a weave; she made the most of the potential of weaving itself. Yvette Lauwaert sees a similar red thread in her work: “I always wanted to make something that was not there yet.”


Met dank aan Yvette Lauwaert en Marijke Detremmerie.