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Closed for expansion and renovations
Winne Clement Kaval

Kaval 2015

Winne Clement BE

ash with Japanese urushi lacquer

collection Winne Clement

As can also be seen in the documentary Winne chooses to select the branches himself that he then uses to make his instruments. Every flute, as in the work of Nakashima, is imbued with the soul of the tree. To make the instrument a branch is fashioned slowly, by hand into a musical instrument with a beautiful sound. The slowness and the passion behind the process vibrate invisibly in the end product.
Society that is driven by money is not a circular, closed cosmology. The essence of capitalism is to make more and more profit and for individuals so that they can become increasingly better off. The hedonistic foundations of our world vision promise greater happiness every day, but in reality what we see is people who are less satisfied and an increasing number of sick people. We work, we earn money and with this we purchase things we don’t need in order to fulfil our unfulfillable longings. One of the greatest challenges today is to invest in a traditional, natural cosmic order in which we understand that everything has a value and significance within a greater structure and meaning, and in which we acknowledge the role played by nature’s wisdom.

“Thus it is that we need to heed the ­message of life and nature and to create new interfaces with nature’s wisdom. Thus it is that we need to ­breathe the forgotten wisdom into our technology-dominated civilization, to allow modesty and humility back into our hearts, and to restore the precarious relationships between humanity and the rest of nature and among people themselves.” - Kenya Hara

A Wild Thing, p. 47