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Hans Wegner PP550

PP550 1947

Hans Wegner DK

ash, teak, straw

Wegner liked studying old, archetypical chairs and removing all forms of decoration and style so that their pure construction shone through. This Peacock chair is based on the classic, historic Windsor chair. 

With everyday objects it is essential to have an existing archetypical design that has been adapted over the years. The function of the object takes priority and leaves little room for fussiness. The design is defined by years of use. For Yanagi, functional everyday objects that are a result of tradition are honest objects. They allow no ego on the part of the creator. The creator is at the service of the end result. This type of object bears witness to honest beauty, that speaks to our inner need. For Yanagi, they contrast sharply with superficial objects that are designed to satisfy consumer needs. The latter only create even more need, more longing. They never answer the poetic sensuality of the soul that brings everyone peace and satisfaction.

A Wild Thing, p. 103