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Czech cubism


The Wiener Werkstätte were a source of inspiration for the Czech Artel Cooperative (beginning of the 20th century until 1924), artisanal workshops for ceramics, textiles, carpets, furniture and metal wares. The generators of this movement, artists, designers and craftsmen, wished to pay more attention to the aesthetic nature of daily objects. They were a centre of innovative design. They released their designs onto the market collectively. Contrary to commercial undertakings, the Artel Cooperative was mainly driven by ideological and artistic viewpoints.

The following artists were among those who took part in Artel: Jaroslav Benda, Pavel Janak, Helena Johnova, Marie Teinitzerova and Otakar Vondracek. The Cooperative sold designs through various shops. They generated the requisite publicity by way of exhibitions.

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