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Belgian Excellence

Designing Flavour

Belgian chocolate is no longer just a caress on the tongue but has been turned into a seduction for the eye as well. Ten Belgian designers have recently wrapped our world-famous chocolate in their own, very personalised, distinct dimensions.

The result is here for you to admire and savour: an assortment of 10 novel, exclusive praline shapes that shortly will set out to conquer the world under the name Belgian Excellence.

The 10 designers that were approached for the creation of Belgian Excellence - Designing Flavour, can boast of long years of experience in their fields and are recognised and respected artists of international repute ...

Siegfried De Buck: Designer of modern-day jewellery and silver art
Tjok Dessauvage: Ceramics artist
Jos Devriendt: Ceramics artist
Paul Gees: Visual artist
Jan Godijns: Architect
Marc Godts & Charlotte Geldof: Architects
René Greisch: Architect-engineer
Hélène: Visual artist
Emile Souply: Sculpter, designer of jewellery and art furniture
Piet Stockmans: Designer of porcelain art