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Esprit Porcelaine

Contemporary porcelain from Limoges

Esprit Porcelaine

In 1768 excavatable deposits were found in the vicinity of Limoges which were suited for porcelain production. As soon as production was started, the renown of Limoges porcelain developed in such a way that the name of the city has become synonymous with porcelain.

1984 saw the creation of Esprit Porcelaine: a think tank, a pool of creative ceramicists. For 25 years designers, craftsmen, artists and sculptors have worked in highly diverse ways and approached the art of fire in different manners. The collective sets out to stimulate the relationship between the artists and the porcelain industry of Limoges, as well as to create innovative products and therefore usher in a revival of "Les arts de la table".

The objects illustrate the technical skills required to achieve elevated levels of quality; particularly whenever porcelain is combined with other materials.

In collaboration with Esprit Porcelaine from Limoges