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Maarten Baas Makes Time

Performance during the Ghent Festivities

During the Ghent Festivities, Design Museum Gent, Maarten Baas and De Kwekerij present 5 Times: five performances that widen the theme of time. Throughout the exhibition Maarten Baas. Hide & Seek you’ll find twelve wooden cabins with a mix of tableaux vivants, performances and design objects. The production is a creativity feast that cuts across the discipline boundaries. Just like the exhibition itself, by the way: Baas’s designs are on the cutting edge of art and design. For his series Smoke, for example, he burned furniture. In Clay, Baas presents pieces that seem to be sculptured by children out of Play-Doh, while in fact they were made of very strong synthetic clay. In the groundbreaking Real Time series, he made clocks with a 12-hour video in which a man paints and wipes the hands of a clock every single minute. Spend a little time or get totally fascinated by it.