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Maarten Baas

Hide & Seek

Hide & Seek is the first major retrospective of the work of the Dutch designer Maarten Baas. His works test the boundaries of art and design. They are theatre sets, but made for real life: humoristic and rebellious furniture series that cannot be industrially manufactured.

Maarten Baas graduated from the prestigious Design Academy Eindhoven with a project titled Smoke, which revolved around a series of charred furniture. Baas coated the burned fragile remnants with an epoxy resin so they could be used again. He then went on to create Clay, a series of unique hand-made furnishings shaped out of industrial clay. A spontaneous, naïve and slightly unwieldy counterpoint to the pared down minimalist aesthetic, in which the master’s hand is both visible and tangible as each item is shaped by hand. With his ground-breaking series Real Time, Baas devised a new approach to time. All of his timepieces depict a man who paints and effaces the hands of the clock every minute.

Maarten Baas’s work continuously evolves. The Houdini of Dutch Design is difficult to pin down. You must try and find him somewhere between reason and emotion, between nature and culture, between freedom and limitations.