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Student Ecodesign Awards

For the first time in its 15-year existence, the winning entries of the Ecodesign Award for students will be displayed in Design Museum Gent. The young talent behind these designs took up the challenge from the Flemish Agency for Waste Treatment (OVAM) and Circular Flanders to help change the world with their graduation project or thesis. They designed a circular, sustainable or eco-friendly product or service belonging to one of the following two categories.

Within the category ‘Problem solving’, the designers came up with a solution to the challenges our society is faced with in the ecological, economic and social sphere. The designs in this category are primarily aimed at a systemic approach.

The category ‘Everyday Life’ includes projects that contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. These products or services provide an alternative with a smaller impact on our planet.

The winners have struck gold with the award: they have won a sustainable smartphone with a network of contacts any designer would dream of: the phone numbers of renowned product designers, sustainable entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers, etc.