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Cupboard for Geerardijn House
Huib Hoste BE
collection Design Museum Gent

These colourful pieces of furniture come from the house of printer Achiel Geerardijn in Sint-Andries (Bruges). Huib Hoste (1881-1957) designed the house itself too as well as the Excelsior printing works behind it. He belonged to the avant-garde of the interwar period and was a fervent advocate of building in a contemporary style. In the Netherlands, he had become acquainted with the modern movement through the Amsterdam School and De Stijl. The furniture from House Geerardijn bears witness to these influences, with its spatial play of abstract volumes and expressive colour contrasts. There are no longer any photos of the interior, but we
know that it was conceived as a total concept.

The Giant Foot
Nicola L. FR
polyvinyl chloride
koninklijke Musea voor Kunst en Geschiedenis