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Deck chair and ottoman from the ‘Etcetera’ series
Jan Ekselius SE
J.O. Carlsson SE
steel, textile
Koninklijke Musea voor Kunst en Geschiedenis

Molar Settee

Wendell Castle US
Northern Plastics US
glass-fibre reinforced polyester
collection Design Museum Gent

Chair for Shop Defauw
Gaston Eysselinck BE
wood, polyvinyl chloride
collection Design Museum Gent

Gaston Eysselinck (1907-1953) is the best-known modernist from Ghent. Around 1935, he renovated a jewellery store run by his parents-in-law in the Mageleinstraat. As part of this, he designed, among other things, this chair with round seat. The shop ensemble contrasted with the radical tubular steel furniture from Eysselinck’s previous years. In 1931-1932, he had designed furniture for his own home and some of that can be seen here (and in Object Stories). He wanted to commercialise them under the name FRATSTA (Fabriek voor RATionele STAalmeubelen, in English the Factory for Rational Steel Furniture), but that was not a success. Warmer, wooden furniture became once more popular, inspired in part by the Finnish designer Alvar Aalto.