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Guglielmo Poletti Equilibrium Stool

Equilibrium Stool 2016

Guglielmo Poletti IT

urethane, rubber, copper

During the workshop of the Maarten Van Severen Chair, led by Erwan Bouroullec (2015) this young ­designer joined pencils together that were clamped like a fragile pillar ­between the attic and the ceiling. This exercise ­resulted one and a half years later in a series of objects, like this stool that is glued together. It was on show at the Rosanna Orlandi stand during the Salone del Mobile.

If we look more closely at the intrinsic qualities of hand-made objects, we discover a new methodology for ­producing objects where, in emulating Soetsu Yanagi, an object is born rather than made. This requires a new genre of designers, who no longer design the world with their God’s eye view, but who are dancers, lovers and searchers who bring things into being from the heart.

  • A Wild Thing, p. 61-62

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    “On reflection, one must conclude that in bringing cheap and useful goods to the average household, industrialism has been of service to mankind – but at the cost of the heart, of warmth, friendliness, and beauty. ( ... ) Moreover, the chief characteristic of handcrafts is that they maintain by their very ­nature a direct link with the human heart, so that the work always partakes of a human ­quality. Machine-made things are children of the brain; they are not human.” - Soetsu Yanagi