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The Fragile Balance of Utopia

mischer'traxler studio

Design Museum Gent is presenting the kinetic light installation ‘LeveL – The Fragile Balance of Utopia’ by the Austrian designers mischer’traxler studio in the margin of the Ghent Light Festival.

‘LeveL’ highlights the precarious balance of utopian scenarios in our society, showcasing how sensitive these ideal networks are to changes from within or from the outside. If one element is out of balance, the entire network is out of whack and literally starts to tilt.

If left as is, the installation remains in perfect balance and each end of the rods is lit to the brightest level. Move closer however, touching an element, or create a slight movement of air or a breeze and the installation will start to move and the light is dimmed. ‘LeveL – The Fragile Balance of Utopia’ invites you to walk through the light installation, to experience the ever-changing atmosphere and light intensity and to reflect on the fragility of perfection.

This interactive light installation was created as a space-filling mobile as part of the first London Design Biennial in 2016. You can see it in the prestigious Louis XVI salon of Hotel De Coninck.

Commissioned by Austria Design Net for the 2016 London Design Biennial

With the support of: Victor Hunt Designart Dealer, Austrian Culture Forum Brussels