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Mu VS handout d


Seat for
Geerardijn House

Huib Hoste BE
wood, textile 
collection Design Museum Gent

standing lamp
n°1 black
Muller Van Severen BE voor
powder-coated steel
collection valerie _objects

This floor lamp is a further development of the pendant lamp that Muller Van Severen presented at their very first exhibition in 2011. Both pieces stem from the same concept: the spatial materialisation of simple and colourful line drawings. Standing lamp consists of hardly anything other than a smooth curved line with a light bulb at the end. Two narrow lines at the bottom serve as legs and allow the lamp to stand.

marble bench

Muller Van Severen BE
collection Muller Van Severen

Marble bench combines a simple form with the expressive surface of marble. The design brings together the aesthetics of the Muller and Van Severen families. Fien Muller, daughter of artist Koen Muller, comes from a family of antique dealers and grew up in a house filled with seventeenth-century paintings and historical furniture and objects. Hannes Van Severen, son of designer Maarten Van Severen and grandson of painter Dan Van Severen, comes from an artistic family where minimalism was the source of inspiration. Each version of marble bench has a different pattern and therefore a different look.