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This summer, Design Museum Gent presents OpenStructures as a play, design and building method for all ages.

OpenStructures is an invitation to design modular objects that can be adjusted and upgraded time and time again and that can be endlessly reconfigured. So far, over 300 authors have experimented with the system and have added the most diverse designs: from simple everyday items to games, tools, furniture and complete interiors.

OpenStructures consists of a growing collection of elements and materials that can be plugged into one another and used again and again in ever changing constellations. Once a product or design has been discarded, its components can be used in a new design. This is a way to shape our environment in a sustainable, varied, unique and playful manner.

For that purpose, OpenStructures created a common grid, allowing everyone to download elements from the online database, adjust them and insert them again into this open design system.

Discover the installation for yourself in Design Museum Gent and create a design! Use your imagination, study the materials and experiment with a collection of objects from the OpenStructures database. The installation is freely accessible between the 1.07 and 12.09 and during several ateliers (in Dutch) children can discover it for themselves.

  • About OpenStructures

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    OpenStructureswas launched in 2007 by designer Thomas Lommée. With Christiane Högner, he founded OS_Studio, the driving force behind the collaborative system.

    For the wider dissemination of this methodology by means of building and workshop kits, OS_Studio cooperates with Design Museum Gent, Arts Centre Vooruit and KASK – School of Arts, with the support of Circular Flanders. Circular Flanders is the hub and the inspirator for the Flemish circular economy. It is a partnership of governments, companies, civil society, and the knowledge community that take action together.

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