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The Exploded View

The Exploded View is a large research model of a house that has been pulled apart. It shows how a house can be made circular with biobased materials.

The Exploded View is a house, scale 1 to 4, that has been deconstructed so that you can take your time to view every wall, every floor, from every side. We are not providing you with a single solution here, but rather many answers to various questions, such as: How do we deal with our endless waste flows and residuals? How can we harness the enormous potential of our natural crops and fungi? Will agriculture become the construction material producer of the future? How can we live healthier with more respect for the environment? How do we keep these sustainable homes affordable? What is possible right now and what will be possible later? And where do different materials come from?

The Exploded View is a research installation. We have collaborated with more than 40 designers, studios, and producers to show you the sustainable materials of today, tomorrow, and the future. All our information is ‘open source’ and shared online. You can scan a QR code for each material and see where it comes from, how it is made, and what it can already be used for. You can also see what the challenges are and what can be further investigated or developed. After all, we’re not just providing answers, we’re also asking questions and invite you to investigate them too.

The Exploded View is a plea for a reappraisal of what is valuable. If we really want to live a circular life, with respect for nature, the planet, and each other, then we must redefine what is valuable to us. The Dutch poet Lucebert wrote, “Everything of value is vulnerable. Which begs the question, “Do we attach enough value to what is vulnerable?”. The Exploded View argues for the value of the vulnerable.

Design: Pascal Leboucq (Biobased Creations / Company New Heroes)
Concept: Pascal Leboucq & Lucas De Man (Biobased Creations / Company New Heroes)

The Exploded View is an initiative of:
BPD, Jansen by ODS, Moodumo, the Province of North Brabant, Buro Kade, Dutch Design Foundation and Biobased Creations (Company New Heroes).

The Exploded View is made possible by:
Lectoraat BioBased Bouwen CoEBBE / Avans Hogeschool & HZ University of Applied Science, CLICKNL, Design United, Blue City, LENTE woningcorporaties, Stichting Agrodome, Primum, Greenport West-Holland, Eco+Bouw, studio ARCA, Forbo Flooring, Martens Keramiek, Ten Cate Outdoorfabrics, Energie- en Grondstoffenfabriek, Aquaminerals, ECOplex, De Wit ≠ Weismann.

Together, these organisations form The Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building. This is part of World Design Embassies, a programme of the Dutch Design Foundation curated by Biobased Creations (Company New Heroes).