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ATHENA! Clay fair

11.05 - 12.05.2024

“Potters, if you give me a reward, I will sing for you. Come, then, Athena, with hand upraised over the kiln. Let the pots and all the dishes turn out well and be well fired: let them fetch good prices and be sold in plenty in the market. Grant that the potters may get great gain and grant me so to sing to them. But if you turn shameless and make false promises, then I call together the destroyers of kilns, Suntribos (Shatter) and Smaragon (Smash) and Asbetos (Charr) and Sabaktes (Crash) and Omodamos (Crudebake) who can work this craft much mischief. Come all of you and sack the kiln-yard and the buildings: let the whole kiln be shaken up to the potter’s loud lament. As a horse’s jaw grinds, so let the kiln grind to powder all the pots inside.” 
(From Homer’s Epigrams, fragment 14, on Athena, Goddess of Crafts and Pottery)

Op 11 en 12 mei 2024 organiseren 019 en LERRY Ceramics, in samenwerking met Design Museum Gent, de tweede editie van de ATHENA! Clay Fair in 019.

ATHENA! is een bijeenkomst van verzamelaars, liefhebbers van ambacht en iedereen die geïnteresseerd is in lokale en internationale keramische kunst. Ontdek gebruiksvoorwerpen, decoratieve stukken en kunstwerken van 35 verschillende kunstenaars.

ATHENA! werd opgericht door 019 en LERRY Ceramics in samenwerking met Design Museum Gent.